Community Food and Clothing Drives

We host a biweekly Food & Clothing drive out of our office in Detroit. Restore Detroit serves fresh made food and drinks, and hands out fresh produce, canned goods, and non-perishables. We also have racks of seasonal clothing available for those who need it.

Home Restoration

Detroit Restoration Inc. will actively pursue the repair and restoration of homes. The operation will include cleaning, general home repairs, and full restoration of properties both owned by the organization and as a service donated to those in need within the Distressed Communities we operate in the City of Detroit.

Home Ownership Program

Through some of our amazing partnership we can offer the homes we restore to individuals and Families within the Homeless and Low Income populations of the City of Detroit. The Program gives the individual an opportunity to live in one of our homes for 5 years for Free while they connect with our partners and our job skill training program to get back on their feet and start a new life. At the end of the 5 years the individual will be offered the opportunity to purchase the home at cost with a low-cost mortgage.

Urban Gardening

Detroit Restoration Inc. through the goal of repurposing vacant lots in the city develops and maintain vacant lots providing fresh produce to our Community Food Assistance programs and to the members of our communities.

Community Clean Ups

We actively conduct community clean up events. We bring in several our volunteers and work with those in our neighborhood to clean it up in a single day. This operation will be conducted by cleaning up abandon lots, properties, and medians throughout the communities we operation. This operation includes, mowing, racking, basic landscaping, and general yard cleaning to help beautify and clean up the communities we operate in